Most Popular Video Game

Poker is the most popular video games around the globe. Over the years many types of video poker have been created by altering the payout table. It turned out to be very monotonous and dull. Hence last year Microgaming gave the most popular video games new life by creating a new format of the game called Level Up. The game begins with Level Up which is Jack or Better and now has four games in total. The other three are Joker Poker, Deuces Wild and Aces Faces. The game has it original touch but now it is bit more complex.

Poker which is the most popular video games is played over 4 hands, but not at once. They constitute various levels and are played one at a time. Players can move to next level only if they draw a winning combination in the previous level. The player bets a certain amount with one fourth the bet for every level. If he loses in the first level then he surrenders the sum wagered for the higher levels without playing. If he draws a winning arrangement he is paid out as per the payout table, but the amount is held in his custody. Then he plays for the second level. Here if he doesn't win, then he not only gives up his entire bet but also his winnings of the first level. Again going by the rule if he draws a winning combination he is paid at twice the rate given in the payout table. When the player wins in the fourth round he takes up not only the winnings for that round but the accumulated amount. All the hands are dealt at the start of the game. This makes the game the most popular video games around the world.

The most popular video games offer two useful features. One is the Free Ride Card which when dealt, the player will move to next level without drawing a winning combination. The second feature of the Level Up is the Auto Complete which is a compensatory payout. These additions have made poker the most popular video games.