Choosing a Progressive Machine a Sous

When it comes to progressive jackpots, players actually have a few options on the different kinds of games they can play. Most progressive pots are established on machine a sous or slots machines, though there are some attached to video poker, baccarat, and roulette games. Even if players only go for progressive jackpot slots games, they can further break the types down into two parts. First, the most common progressive pots are only offered on single games. Players log into the game, place side bets to qualify for the pot, and hope to win with the very unlikely combinations of symbols. On those single progressive games, only players on that game are qualified to make side bets that will contribute to the pot. Over many hundreds of players the pot can grow to several thousands of dollars.

Players also have the option of playing on cross game or even cross casino progressive jackpots. Instead of players from a single game contributing to the side pot, players from many different casino machines a sous games can add to the pot. Even players at different casinos can connect to one another as they all throw in for a chance at the huge jackpot. These cross game and cross casino progressive jackpots can grow to be many times bigger than traditional single game progressive pots. In fact, winners of these pots regularly walk away with hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in winnings. Players who are interested in these multi-casino jackpots should look for slots games at networked casinos. Often these casinos will advertise about their partner casinos or list the cross-casino jackpots in their progressive slots section. Players should remember, though, that to win any of these progressive pots, they must place the side bet every single time they make a bet. If they skip a turn and manage to achieve the winning combination, they could lose out on the biggest jackpot of their lives.